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The solarium offers a natural tanning effect of the sun without the harmful effects of radiation. Observe your body to naturally and gradually tans before going to the beach and beyond to keep your tan. Apart from this, the solarium helps fight acne, the production of Vitamin D which contributes to bone health and improve blood circulation!
Passive Training
Even if you do not have time for gym surely you can spare half an hour for yourself! The passive exercise stimulates the muscles of the body mechanically, tones your body, increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and above all cellulite!
Nutrition Tips
Gymnastics may be important for body and spirit, but the diet is 70% of our image. With the right diet you can have faster results and activate your metabolism. Get over a better body and a more balanced life through eating tips that will give you!
Fat Measurement
With the method of determination of fat can know the percentage of fat in the body. This measurement helps to specialize fitness program in such a way as to lose more excess fat quickly. Apart from that we through the determination of fat to achieve results as carbs and increase muscle volume.





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